Why Diesel Exhaust Fluids Are Great

Diesel exhaust fluid or DEF is a product capable of saving our health, the environment and our valuable dollars. Confused? We will make things clear, but before that, let’s us understand what diesel exhaust fluid is.

The liquid that can get rid of toxic emissions, particulate matter and nitrogen oxides from a diesel engine is called a DEF. Chemically speaking; DEF is a solution of 67.5% de-ionized water and 32.5% urea. Urea is natural gas derivative that converts into ammonia when exposed to high heat. Diesel exhaust fluid resembles closely to water with odor of urea.

DEF tanks may be bound to a fuel tank’s rear or front end and can be identified with a single blue lid. The engine injects small quantities of the mixture where the solution vaporizes and then breaks down into ammonia and carbon dioxide.
Some of the benefits of DEF include:

Less Harmful For Health

DEF improves air quality allowing everyone to breathe easier. Particulate matter and nitrogen oxide contribute to several health problems including respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, irritated asthma, impaired lungs capacity and chronic bronchitis. The EPA has estimated that improved standards will reduce hospital days, premature deaths and absentees from work due to illnesses saving 70 billion US dollars by 2030.

Increases Efficiency of the Engine

DEF eliminates the toxic emissions in the engine after combustion. This enables manufactures to tune engines for greater power, reduce power consumption and increase the period between oil changes. Extra cooling or engine overhaul isn’t required for the DEF system. Whether you run a single truck and operate an entire fleet, you should use DEF to extend your vehicles’ life and save five to seven percent in fuel expenses.

Environmentally Friendly

The DEF is colorless, stable, nonpolluting and non-toxic liquid which is why it’s safe to store and handle. The liquid also meets the international standards for composition and purity. All these characteristics mean that DEF is no threat to wildlife, equipment, human or the environment when used correctly.

So how much of this liquid is required to realize its benefits? The amount of DEF that you should use will be about 2% of the total diesel consumed. Or for every fifty gallons of fuel you burn, you’ll need approximately 1 gallon of diesel exhaust fluid.

If you wish to bring your trucks up to the required standard and reduce the environmental footprint of your vehicles, then you should use diesel exhaust fluid. At Kost USA, we have AutoShield® DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid), formulated with high-quality water and automotive grade urea. It can be used in all SCR equipped trucks, car, power generators and tractors to reduce emissions of diesel engines. For more information about DEF, feel free to contact us.

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