KOSTherm HD TEG is a high-performance triethylene glycol (TEG)-based desiccant engineered exclusively to improve the efficiency and extend the life of natural gas dehydration systems. Fortified with an inhibitor additive package, KOSTherm HD TEG reduces corrosion rates, fights glycol degradation, counteracts scaling effects and improves water-hydrocarbon separation, making it better equipped to handle the demanding challenges in natural gas dehydration systems.

performance features:

  • Offers corrosion protection for system components
  • Provides deposit and oxidation control
  • Delivers a cleaner system due to enhanced sludge control
  • Creates NO adverse effects on materials commonly used in dehydration systems

KOSTherm HD TEG is specifically formulated to address the unique operating conditions in natural gas dehydration systems and offers corrosion protection for dehydration applications including:

  • Gas Pipeline Heaters
  • Gas Processing
  • Waste Heat Recovery Systems
  • Air Dehydration
  • Natural Gas Storage
  • Gas Field Gathering
  • Line and Bath Heaters
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