Why Choose Propylene?

In the oil and gas sector, a fuel that has become an enticing alternative to acetylene is propylene.  Propylene is a wise choice for heavy duty cutting and welding primarily because it increases safety and decreases production costs. 

Propylene is a safer fuel because it is considerably more stable than acetylene.  It has a greatly reduced chance of combustion.  Propylene also burns hotter which means the cutting tip can be held further away from the work site while still maintaining accuracy.  The added distance reduces the workers’ amount of risk as they complete a job.  Because it is a cleaner fuel, it doesn’t generate the same degree of soot either.  The reduction of soot not only helps the employees safety, but also production costs because tips are able to have more longevity of use.

The use of propylene as fuel results in more BTUs of heat for cutting large parts and heavy metals.  This increased efficiency helps reduce production costs.  Do to their chemical composition; there is more usable propylene in a cylinder than can be found in a matching sized cylinder of acetylene.  The substantial difference between the two saves a considerable amount on production costs as well.

Do you have more questions on how propylene may be the right choice for your company?  Contact KOST USA at 1-800-661-9391 for more information.

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