Maintaining Your Heavy Duty Engine Cooling System

Heavy-duty engines have seen plenty of improvements over the years that make them more efficient and to meet new environmental regulations, but as a result, there are higher demands on maintaining the cooling systems that keep them operating effectively.

Any fleet manager, farmer, construction superintendent, or mining operations manager can tell you that keeping heavy duty machinery working at optimum efficiency means two important thing: no downtime and better safety records. But even the most seasoned operations manager may be surprised to learn that nearly 40% of all engine repair costs result from problems with the cooling system—often as a result of neglecting basic maintenance.

What your cooling system needs to do for your heavy-duty machinery is:

·      Provide efficient heat transfer in order to control critical metal temperatures

·      Prevent boil-over and overheating failures

·      Protect against freezing, engine freeze-ups, or non-starts on extremely low temperature days

·      Inhibit corrosion of all cooling-system metals

If the cooling system can’t do these things, the vehicle’s horsepower, fuel economy, emissions, and durability will be compromised. Choosing the right, high-quality coolant materials and replenishing them as recommended will ensure operating efficiency and optimal performance.

Problems crop up with the wrong type of coolant is used, from oil degradation, boil-over, or freezing, to cavitation pitting, corrosion build up, or water-pump failure.

When it comes to heavy-duty engines, KOST USA’s Antifreeze / Coolants are the best choice on the market. For trucking, agriculture, construction, and mining KOST USA’s products and services exceed industry standards.

Give us a call to find out which products are the right fit for your heavy-duty equipment. We’re always happy to answer your questions and offer advice on the best products for your purposes. 

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