At KOST USA, we understand craft brewers, vintners, distillers, and food manufacturers and their requirements for a dependable source of Heat Transfer Fluid.

Our family of KOSTChill™ inhibited propylene glycol-based heat transfer fluids are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials. Each KOST USA fluid is specially designed and formulated for food and beverage manufacturing with state-of-the-art inhibitor packages that prevent corrosion, which minimizes fluid expense, electrical expense and extends fluid life.

Our Heat Transfer Fluids have been instilled in the following systems:

Sam Adams Brewery
MadTree Brewing
Rhinegeist Brewery
50 West Brewing Co.
Little Miami Brewery
Daisy Brand
Off Track Brewery
13 Below Brewery
My Grain Brewery
16 Lots Brewery
Rolling Mill Brewery
Advance Pierre Foods
Miller Brewing Company

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