5 Benefits of Antifreeze/Coolant

Imagine the temperature outside is -20 degrees and your car has been parked outside all day, but when you start it, the engine revs up without giving you any trouble.

Or, the temperature could be 105 degrees Fahrenheit, but your car is speeding on the highway like wind without any risk of overheating. In both the cases it’s the engine additive that’s doing its job at best – making your car’s engine run smoothly in all conditions.

Antifreeze is also known as coolant. It is a green or a bright yellow liquid that mixes up with the water in your car, trucks and other vehicles and keeps the radiators from overheating or freezing.

These antifreeze and coolants are made with glycol. It’s because when glycol is added to water, it offers an ideal temperature range for the engine to operate at higher efficiency. Ethylene glycol (EG) is the most used type of glycol in antifreeze/coolant, but there are other environmental friendly fluids like Propylene Glycol (PG) that are also used.

The benefits of antifreeze/coolant are numerous and that’s why they’ve become a necessity for vehicles over time. Here we discuss some of those benefits that these coolants offer.

1- Helps in Maintaining Optimum Fuel Economy

Antifreeze/coolant is responsible for maintaining the life of your car’s engine. Such fluids run at the right temperatures in your car’s body and maintain the life, protect and lubricate all its components.

2- Reduces the Maintenance Costs & Downtime

Several bench tests, lab tests and fleet tests were completed in order to make sure that these antifreezes protect the various parts of a vehicle. These parts include radiators, water pumps, wet sleeves and all the polymers and metals found inside your vehicle’s engine.

3- Protects the Engine

These antifreezes/coolants contain concentrated blends of premium quality and long lasting inhibitors that have proven to give up to 12,000 hours or 600,000 miles of guaranteed protection against extreme temperatures, corrosion, rust, scale and premature failure of water pump.

4- Compatible with Other Products

These products are formulated using Nitrited Organic Acid Technology (NOAT). This makes the antifreezes/coolants compatible with any other extended-life and heavy duty NOAT featuring antifreeze/coolant. Also, NOAT makes these coolants compatible with diesel powered commercial vehicle engines and stationary engines.

5- Prevents Car Breakdowns

Approximately 40% of all the over the road breakdowns are caused due to a problem in the vehicle’s cooling system. But if used correctly, these antifreeze/coolant options can protect the vehicle for minimum one year.

KOST USA is the largest manufacturer, supplier and marketer of antifreeze/coolant and other functional vehicle fluids in the United States, serving in automotive consumer products market for over 30 years. We construct both our customer base and brands only with superior quality service and high performance engine coolants that have a shelf life of more than eight years.

Considering the performance boosting benefits of antifreeze/coolants for your vehicle’s engine, if you’re interested in keeping your car up and running regardless of the weather conditions then it’s time you give our finest brands a try.

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